From his Grade 5 to Grade 10 year, Greg Brown lived in Ajax. He attended Lord Durham Grade School which is no longer running today. Although the school no longer exists, one can still visit Lord Durham Park at Burcher Rd and Aldonschool Ct. He also attended Hardwood Secondary School behind the Falby Court Buildings. The school is now Bolton C. Falby Public School. During the time Greg lived in Ajax, he lived at  Falby Crt, Finley Ave, and Dakin Dr. He also made it up to brown belt in Judo at the Budokan Dojo in the Ajax Community Center. Since Greg road his bike as a child all over Ajax, he knows the  town areas and streets very well. Greg can remember when north of Kingston Rd was all farm fields--there were no subdivisions in sight! When he was much younger, the houses by the lake in southwest Ajax were just starting to be built. Greg has seen first hand the changes Ajax has experience over the last 30 plus years. Overtime, through personal experience and exploring as a child, Greg has developed in site and knowledge about this town that has assisted him in the buying/selling process of his Ajax clients. Of his six offices, one is located in Ajax at Clements Rd and Finley ave.  300 Clements Rd West, Ajax, 905-619-9500

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